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KIDS CHURCH (ages 0-1, 2-5yrs & K-5th grade) are offered during all of our Sunday gatherings. Parents can choose one of two options

Quick Note: Every single child that we receive must be checked in and have a childcare sticker. You will find a volunteer in the front lobby to assist you with this. This is a big part of how we make sure that your child is protected and accounted for at all times. We will not receive a child without a label.


#1 Early Service Check-in:

Our Nursery and Kids Church open at 10:00am. Just enough time to drop the kids off and get situated for Sunday service

#2 After Worship Check-in:

We highly encourage family worship! If your children want to stay and sing with the congregation please feel free to do so. We just ask each parent to watch over their child so that others can worship with out distraction. Your child is not a burden to us and we welcome them during worship!

We offer age specific environments for each age group to ensure that your child has fun while being taught biblical truth in a relevant way. Just stop by our KIDS CHECK-IN DESK, located just inside the main entrance, and we will share with you more details about the options for your children.


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