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Opportunities to develop genuine friendship and community

For 2023, we are excited to begin a new avenue of building community within our church. Circles are our new small groups, led by members of our church who are passionate about building relationships with others who have similar interests. We invite you to plug in by finding a Circle that interests you!

Spring Circles run from March 1st – June 4th

Please email the Circle leader to join or sign up using the Church Center app

A Walk with God

Meets the 3rd Saturday of every month, 10:00am.

Want to enjoy a relaxing walk to fellowship with other brothers and sisters in Christ, to explore local parks and nature trails? Join us, the third Saturday of every month, at 10:00am. Each month, we will choose a new location, so stay tuned to the One Church website/app for updates. We seek to motivate others to explore God's creation and enjoy the fresh outdoors. Our group welcomes all ages and encourages you to bring friends. All hikes will be non-strenuous and family-friendly.

Leaders – Nat and Melissa Guerra

Location – Varies

Begins – March 18th

Disciples with Dumbbells

Meets the 1st Sunday of every month, 2:30–3:30pm.

Come enjoy fellowship with a workout!

Open to everyone, ages 14 and up.

Leaders – Chuck and Katie Holmquest

Location – Gym in Port Orange

Begins – March 5th

Financial Foundation

Meets every other Monday, 6-7:30pm.

This Circle is for those who would like to learn more about managing money and increasing their financial literacy. Topics range from budgeting to credit and credit building, how mortgages work, insurance, and investing, etc.

Open to all, ages teens to adults.

Leader – Chris Miller

Location – Home group in beachside Daytona

Begins – March 27th

Having Babies – Together!

Meets Tuesdays, 1pm.

Carrying an unborn baby and then caring for a newborn is a most unique time in life. One Church is blessed to have several beautiful babies recently born or due soon. I would like to invite the ladies of One Church who are pregnant or recently had a baby to get together a couple times a month for an hour or two – no lessons, no assignments – at my home. When I was pregnant with our first child, there were 12 in my church pregnant at the same time. We decided to get together regularly to share in the adventure. We could express our excitement and our worries, ask questions and share our fears, as we prayed for one another each step of the way. Then, as the babies were born, we continued to meet for several months. Those women and their babies will forever hold a special place in my heart.

Open to all pregnant or new mothers.

Leader – Rollene Storms

Location – Home group in Port Orange

Begins – March 7th

Meeting Jesus in Mark

Meets weekly on Sunday afternoons at 4 pm.

Would you like to meet Jesus? If you lived two thousand years ago in Nazareth, Capernaum, or Jerusalem, you could have met Jesus in person. Maybe you would have written a book about your experience. Or you could meet Jesus if He showed up some Sunday at One Church. You and I were not in Israel two thousand years ago, and Jesus has not walked in to One Church. But we can meet Jesus in the Gospels. In Mark we will meet Jesus as He encounters a variety of people and situations.

Open to all. Childcare will be provided.

Leader – Stephen Storms

Location – Home group in Port Orange

Begins – March 12th

Moms at the Park

Meets every other Wednesday morning, 10 am.

Moms, let's spend time together while our kids play at a park.

Leader - Keri Miller

Location - Various local parks

Begins - March 1st

Musicians in the Making

Meets weekly on Fridays, 6–7pm.

We all know children are our future, and what could be better than a future filled with worshippers? This Circle is for our young people, ages 10 and up, who would like to learn more about being on a worship team. We’ll explore basic music theory, what it takes to play instruments like guitar and keyboard, how to read a chord chart, and vocal techniques for becoming a better singer.

Open to youth, ages 10 and up.

Leader – Joanna Deputy

Location – Home group in Port Orange

Begins – March 10th

Outdoor Adventures

Meets on the 2nd and 4th Saturday.

This group is open to all who enjoy being out in the great outdoors. All children will need a parent present due to the nature of some of the activities.

Leader – Crystal Cline

Location - Varies

Begins - March 11th

Praise Dance Party

Meets weekly on Wednesday nights, 6:30 – 7:30 pm.

Come worship with us!! David danced in the streets having his own dance party; it's time for our own praise dance party!

Open to children, ages 3-10. (This is a drop off group for the kids.)

Leader – Lindsey Burnside

Location – Home group in Port Orange

Begins – March 8th

Psalm Scrapbooking (Getting Creative with the Psalms)

Meets every other week on Sunday afternoons from 4 – 5:30 pm.

There's not just one way to scrapbook! You can create simply in a notebook, a binder, or go the traditional route with a large square scrapbook. Creating might be drawing, painting, or even cutting and pasting! We will be bringing the Word of God to life through the creativity that God gave us. If you feel you aren't creative, I'd have to disagree; we are made in His image, we just have our own unique styles of creativity! Even if you feel, you aren't artistic, I would encourage you to come and join us. The Holy Spirit has a way of working all the time!

Open to ladies, ages 9 and up.

Leader – Lindsey Burnside

Location – Home group in Port Orange

Begins – March 5th


Meets once a month on Mondays, 6 pm.

Let’s start writing worship songs for our local church community. Writers, poets, musicians, creatives of all kinds who love to worship the Lord through song are invited to join together to write songs that glorify our awesome God.

Open to all.

Leader – Keri Miller

Location – Home group in beachside Daytona

Begins – March 6th

Young Adults Game Night

Meets the second Saturday of the month, 5:30-8pm.

Are you looking for godly friends, a good time, and good food? This Circle group is all about creating a space to cultivate godly friendships with fun fellowship aided by a game night among our 20-30 aged peers. Whether you have kids, no kids, you're single, a newly wed - all are welcome. Games and meeting places will vary month to month.

Open to all young adults, ages 20-30s.

Leader – Megan & Jack Relue

Location – Various homes in the Port Orange area

Begins – March 11th

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